carlos mate_darkness-sonar-absolut

Installation at Sonar 2016 in collaboration with Absolut. A black cube contained an experience that visitors could only access two by two. As they Inside its darkness they were discovering various elements that made reference to art and European high culture, as well as popular culture antiheroes or even elements coming from the most extreme and radical subcultures . On the floor, watches united by a complex wiring to a amplifiers and speakers sistem whose sound, mixed with a ramdom combination of different audio tracks form "cries and whispers" Bergman's film tapping an unreal "tempo" broken and autogenerated continuously. The audio thus articulated the entire system, making it work as a both mechanical and sentimental artifact that slowed and at the same time intensified the experience of time. A time that hurts. The slow flow of a melancholy feeling in a space freed from the usual coordinates, where images and sounds can be processed in a radically different order. A broad spectrum used to define the black bile, than dark but attractive feeling that has always intoxicated the human soul and with its black ink the most exciting lines of our culture has been writed. 


In that space surrounded of mirrors and multiple reflections, a master of ceremonies, a disturbing dark characterthat guided the visitor through this performative experience that implied all them senses and that concluded with a drink, a toast with a ritual senseless , a media ceremony media that between lines describes the narration of a feeling, a form of being that has no doubts in recreate in playful long nights but still immersed in a Dark melancholy feeling.