image-carlos mate-hotel room.jpg alt=carlos mate art installation and performance hotel room

Installation made for the collective Exhibition “Hostel Art” for Absolut PAC on the theme of travel during Arco art week in Madrid.  It takes Edgar Hopper picture of the same name as a starting  Point in orden to reflect that feeling of restlessness and loneliness that accompanies the traveller in the paint, placing us into a mental space. By mining that psychological territory in an “attempt to portrait”,it is  seeking for the overlap of ideas rather than show us already laid down and finished works. This deep, empty blackness And reflections,  an ungraspable architecture  formed out by “the darkness of a dream,” outlines the black feeling of excessive and self-destructive,a latent melancholy that persists in this transition from believing to act.

As in the reflections of their black surfaces, translations of reality are never easily permanently or even stable, but respond to the concept of entropy. The sense of the time fracture is delving into something like a conversation with ghosts (both in the sense of Spectra personal as in the history of art. the use of this reflections - literally in the use of mirrors or representation concerning cultural prior - plays with the reference name of the mirror, where the common space, the wasted every day repertoire can include the illusory dark  deep world that the projections reflexes.

When one circumnavigates the object, another perspective is opened through a mirror on the wall deliberately showing the structure that supports the mirror, A stage trick that is deliberately, being used to bracket the arisen of glossy monochromatic blankness that simultaneously supports both its image and its objectness

image-carlos mate-hotel room-4.jpg alt=carlos mate art installation and performance hotel room
performance by Awa Lo
image-carlos mate-hotel room-3.jpg alt=carlos mate art installation and performance  hotel room
image-carlos mate-hotel room-1.jpg alt=carlos mate art installation and performance hotel room

In a similar assembling of multiple meanings, are the remains of the performance that took  place in the opening and Definitively set up and activated the installation. The remains of the images of the feminine figure burning Her own image speak us again of this sense of mirror and a State of being double”. The whole of the work is configured as a set of objects understood as fragments of memory or signifiers of mourning but which are however brought into a new meaning level through and consequent fractures and rituals of passage... If the performance can be understood as a ritual, and its sites as places of ritual, then  his remains can be defined as relics.