carlos mate-initiation.jpg alt=carlos mate art installation initiation
carlos mate-initiation.jpg alt=carlos mate art instalation initiation
carlos mate-initiation4.jpg alt=carlos mate art instalation initiation

Imagine an scenario which poses fiction as a starting point, and then makes it possible verify it has leak into reality, or has create the conditions to do so. We should then, take a inner world as a starting point (such a  hypothesis,this  process of work could only be understood though feelings and a sensory pathway) Inner worlds are a kind of invented reality, which is at the same time very malleable, flexible, like a dream, but also may have certain elements in common, shared with other persons…better say with the inner worlds of other persons: this is what makes them so special. Then, if we could be able to create what exist in a inner world, a particular universe, and put it in other person´s hands, we would thus have the potential for a new way of communication. That means that, instead of symbols or language that refers to things or evoke things, we should have to really make the things. Instead of using the word trauma, or the word ghost we should then make one, or show one who has always come with you. This new form of reality, the communication which has some of the qualities of a dream, could be a Locus in which a new reality could emerge: Imaginary leaks into reality, moving through many places and through many associations. But at the same time, it would have elements of conversation, with some person contributing to it, a quality of go and return and a continuity in collaboration . An obviously, it would be under humans control, which implies the total lost of control, like a dream who follows the script of something like a conversation

In most animist systems, the purpose of initiation is learn to control himself and make other personality appear.The future shamans ability … communicate with spirits and travel between two worlds depends on this initiation. To master the cosmic chaos he will have first to control his inner chaos….but what happens if he knows he won’t be able to master it because he he is not really sure indeed  about his wises?

initiation is an installation. it is part of still in process project, melancholia. it borrows some pieces from him, and that feeling which fills all the oeuvre. It is an stage which should go through an action, an initiation ceremony, which is not but a ritual of decay and ruin. Just With some brief indications, some ritual steps, all the elements were put in the hands of other artist, Deidi Lucas.  The artwork then, turned into a score in other´s hands in order to destroy it as he performed it. The outcome turned to be, then, a different artwork, a remain of the two previous actions, a ruin that was exposed at the art center La Neomudejar were the performance took place

performance by Deidi Lucas